30 Cities From 200 Years Ago…And Where They Are Now

by NYU Stern Urbanization Project

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Orona Zero building at Orona Ideo

Orona Zero building at Orona Ideo

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Walking Men Worldwide

The walking man in Blois is the worst. Odense’s is inspired, but If you make this kind of thing and you leave out the former-GDR’s Ampelmännchen, you’re doing it wrong.

(I’m reading “Traffic” by Tom Vanderbilt right now. It’s pretty cool.)

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André Paduart, Jean Van Doosselaere & Jacques Moeschal - De Pijl van de burgerlijke bouwkunde, Expo ‘58 (1958)

Civil engineering pavilion at the ‘58 expo, pioneering new ultrathin concrete construction methods; dynamited in 1970 to make way for the Trade Mart.

One doesn’t have to find this monument a masterpiece to deplore [its demolition]. They show the same kind of carelessness which is letting our environment, and everything valuable about it, go under because of immediate individual concerns. They throw money away on decorating the viaducts of highways with trivial little statues, but when there’s one significant monument, they spend money to have it destroyed.

(Geert Bekaert, 1969)

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SOR_08-4-1 on Flickr.inspiring and evoking spaces for a basque church renewal.

SOR_08-4-1 on Flickr.

inspiring and evoking spaces for a basque church renewal.

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SHIFT, 1970-72


SHIFT, 1970-72


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